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 April    10,    2018    

Bob    Merritt
Osprey    Home    Watch
PO    Box    146
Oak    Bluffs,    MA    02557  

Dear    Bob,

As    I    sit    here    hoping    for    the    snowflakes    to    stop    and    spring    to    finally    arrive,    I    wanted    to    take    a    moment   to    thank    you    and    Will    for    exemplary    service    this    winter.        I    didn’t    have    much    doubt    that    you    both   would  be    able    to    keep    an    eye    on    the    house,    but    I    was    not    prepared    for    the    great    communication    and   peace    of    mind    that    came    along    with    it.    

I    know    your    business    is    fairly    new    but    you    operate    it    like    a    company    that    has    been    running    for    a    long   time.        I    am    so    pleased    with    the    services,    and    the    extras,    that    you    offered    and    look    forward    to    having   you    keep    a    watchful    eye    on    our    home    next    winter. 

Best.  Michael


Hi Patty,

You have been so exceptionally helpful in educating us about the rental market on island from a home-owner perspective, I wanted to share our caretakers information and recommendation as they have been absolutely phenomenal in terms of weekly home checks, written reports of their home visits (awesome!) and just general support while we're off island (e.g., packages, meeting service people, etc.) Anyway, I cannot say enough good things about Will Bryan and his colleague, Bob Merritt of Osprey Home Watch and thought you might be interested in sharing his information with your clients. The link to the Osprey website is here, 



and I have copied Will Bryan (owner) above so that he could potentially speak with you about his company's services at your earliest convenience. Thanks very much.




Calling Will and Bob “caretakers” is a disservice. I think of them more like “two great guys who take care of your home like it is their home, who somehow have elevated “caretaking” into an actual business with notions of time and communication not often found on our beautiful island and who know how stuff in your house works way beyond what you would expect from guys with professional backgrounds having nothing to do with electricity, plumbing, etc.” Too long for their business cards but this is how they roll. Truly a pleasure working with Will and Bob.